Awani Irewati


This essay attempts to analyseproblems andprospects ofthe APEC existence in dealing with the organizations
principles implementation Afew years ago the Asia Pack Economic Cooperation APEC one ofthe most mea
ningful organization in the region has been criticizedfor conducting insufficient efforts in addressing the 1997Asia
crisis Nowadays the organization is currentlyfacing the internal detrimental challenges ofthe raising FTA based
economic cooperations i e ASEAN China FTA ASEAN Japan FTA even bilateral based FTAs within the Asia
Pacific region These FTAs could turn APEC out to be either breakable or even stronger It is hoped that thepowerful
FTA basis should be a cornerstone towards the sturdy APEC The paper comes to the conclusion that the APEC
which meets the two region Asia and Pacific is an convincinglyfeasible organization to remain taking the yearly
dialogue between the developed and developing members This is truly becoming a lucrative opportunity for the
members to express what they want to getfrom this organization

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