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Author Guidelines

Authors who wish to submit a manuscript must pay attention to the points below.

  1. Jurnal Penelitian Politik (JPP) accepts manuscripts that are the research results, conceptual ideas, book reviews, and other scientific writing types. Manuscripts must be written in English language.
  2. Author who will submit articles to JPP must first register online and independently on the “register” menu on this electronic journal site. If you find it difficult, you can contact the Secretariat of the Editorial Journal of Political Research at e-mail: Online registration is free of charge.
  3. After being registered, please log in first, then upload the script online via the website until successful (active submissions).
  4. Submitted manuscripts are original works that have never been published or not being under review processes to any other publishers.
  5. Submitted manuscripts must follow the template of JPP that is available in the OJS. After uploading the manuscript, the writer awaits confirmation from the Editor in Chief or the editorial secretariat regarding the author’s manuscript’s status.
  6. References can be divided into books, journals, reports, papers, newspapers, and websites. Reference writing guidelines can be obtained in the template. The manuscripts should cite sources or reference material at least ten publication titles. It is not justified to write references that are not mentioned at all in the text. 80% of works cited should be published in the last ten years.
  7. The display of tables, pictures, or graphs must be readable clearly, and the table title is placed on the table. Image or graph titles are placed under the picture or graph and are equipped with the proper numbering. The placement of tables and figures must be close to the text that references them. Images should be entered as a high-resolution image format. Avoid placing tables and pictures as attachments.
  8. The author is prohibited from sending the same manuscript to another journal if the confirmation or notification of the manuscript’s status is not yet received. The author will receive the status at a maximum of 3 weeks since the manuscript was received).
  9. Editors can change the writing format and the title of the article according to the writing instructions and set the time for publication.
  10. The author is subject to the decisions and decisions resulting from the review of the manuscript by the journal reviewers.
  11. The content of the article follows the writing systematics, which is structured as follows: 
  • JPP uses APA reference style, 12-point Times News Roman, 1.5 spacing, and A4 paper size.
  • The word limit range for original research contribution is 6,000 – 8,000 words and 1,000-1,500 words for the book review articles
  • The title is written in English language. The title must reflect the writing content, be specific, and consist of 10-15 words.
  • Abstracts and keywords in English. Abstract written in one paragraph with 100-250 words. Abstract content describes the essence of the manuscript. Keywords are 4-5 words or phrases.
  • The introduction contains the justification of the article’s issues, its purpose, approaches, and methods.
  • The discussion contains discussion, analysis, argumentation, and author comparisons. The article’s core part can be divided into several subsections, depending on the issue/aspect discussed. Sub-section titles can also be adjusted according to the discussion.
  • The conclusion contains a discussion of important matters of the findings, which can be conclusions, suggestions, or recommendations relating to the found issues.


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. Author’s name is displayed real, clear, and complete name without inserting the title. More than one author must be separated by a comma;

  2. The complete manuscript is typed on A4 paper with Times New Roman font, size 12, 1.5 line spacing, except for abstract with single spacing. A4 paper size, with the number of columns 1, distance from the top edge of 2.5 cm; below 2.5 cm; left 3.5 cm; right 2.5 cm;

  3. Manuscripts are selected by the editorial board. If deemed necessary, the manuscript will be edited in consultation with the author, after which it is published.

  4. The title is typed in capital letters, Times New Roman font, size 14;

  5. The title must be specific, clear, concise, informative, describe the substance or content of the writing, and inspire a sense of reading. The title also does not need to begin with the word research/analysis/study unless the word is the subject matter. A sub-title may follow the main title; (e.g., “WOMEN’S LOCAL POLITICAL LEADERS: ROLE OF POLITICAL PARTIES IN THE VICTORY OF PROSPECTIVE REGIONAL HEADS.”

  6. The manuscript file is in the Microsoft Word file format and follows the JPP’s systematics templates.

  7. Manuscripts must be written in writing systematics, which consists of the following elements:

    • Titles in Indonesian and English must reflect the writing content, be specific, and consist of 10-15 words.
    • Author’s name and address/affiliation
    • Abstract (Indonesian and English)
    • Keywords (Indonesian and English)
    • Preliminary
    • Discussion or research results (including pictures, tables, photos, diagrams, etc.)
    • Closing
    • References, if any references are sourced from URLs, please include them.
  8. The article is an original manuscript. Neither has been published or is not in the process of being published by another journal.

Copyright Notice

  1. Manuscripts submitted by the author must be a work that does not violate existing copyrights.

  2. The right to publish, edit, and upload all journal manuscripts published on the Jurnal Penelitian Politik (JPP) website is held by the editorial board and administrators of the JPP, with the author’s knowledge (moral rights remain with the author of the script).

  3. Manuscripts published in print and electronically are open access for education, research, and libraries. Beyond these objectives, the editorial board and journal management are not responsible for violations of copyright law.

  4. The formal legal provisions for access to digital electronic journal articles are subject to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivative (CC BY-NC-ND) license. It means that with the author’s permission, articles may be distributed to other parties, not for commercial purposes and does not change its original form.


Privacy Statement

The Jurnal Penelitian Politik (JPP) editorial board will always protect the exclusive rights and quality of writers’ texts from all forms of copyright infringement (plagiarism). The names and e-mail addresses entered in this journal website will be used exclusively to publish the JPP. They will not be misused for other purposes or irresponsibly given to other parties.