POLA DAN KECENDERUNGAN STUDI KONFLIK DI INDONESIA : Analisis terhadap Studi Kekerasan pada Kasus Aceh dan Ambon

Wawan Ichwanuddin


Post Soeharto Indonesia is not only characterized by a democratic transition but also the outbreak oflarge
scale violent conflicts in various regions Beyond the destruction ofproperty the wave ofconflict in many regions
has also claimed thousands of lives andforced more than 1 3 million others into refugees This phenomenon in
spires the emergence ofinitiativesfrom various parties to engage directly seek conflict resolution and buildpeace
Some ofthem contribute through a series ofscientific studies to analyze the causes and alternative resolutions of
the conflicts This article presents the results ofa review to conflict studies conducted in the case ofMaluku and
Aceh There are three issues that are thefocus ofanalysis in this article namely the causes ofviolence roles and
relationships between parties and the conflict resolutions

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