Ganewati Wuryandari


Environmental issue has become an important topic in today s internationalpolitical dynamics Environmental
degradation cause byphenomenon ofglobal warming and climate change has become a serious globalproblem In
the future the continuing of the problems may befar reaching impact on sustainability of the lives and survival
ofall people in the world Therefore the environment issues is supposed to be reflected in state policy which no
exception in Indonesia sforeign policy International cooperation is a rational solutionforfinding the way out ofthe
existing environmentalproblems In the terms of cooperation states which represented by government is not only the
driving actors in the stage but there are other actors such as NGOs international organizations and multinational
companies MNCs that take part in managing the environmental crisis This study examines Indonesian foreign
policy in addressing environmental issues especially global warming and climate change This studyfocuses its
time limitfrom 1972 until 2009 This study is qualitative research with its data is obtained through literature and
field research The result ofthis study shows that although Indonesian government shows its commitment to envi
ronmental issues in theforeignpolicy this study underlines the contradiction between rhetoric and implementation
This contradiction reflects dilemma ofrealism and idealism in Indonesiaforeign policy

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