POLRI DI ERA DEMOKRASI : Dinamika Pemikiran Internal

Sri Yanuarti


Police reform is an integralpart ofholistic security sector reform SSR which aims to create goodgovernance
in the security sector and to create a secure and orderly environment Thus in accordance with the principles of
democracy police reform should have been directed to build a civilian policing character based on democratic
norms openness and accountability Although police reform already been done since more than a decade ago its
implementation has not been optimal Thepresence ofpolice as an institution and its members still have a negative
image in the eyes ofpeople because ofthe actions ofcertain person ofpolice personnel The study is to describe
1 How does the present shift ofIndonesian police from the era ofauthoritarianism to era of democracy 2 what
factors that encourage and inhibit the process ofpolice reform what kind ofconstraints that itface as well as the
impact ofthe constraints 3 How do internal dynamics which occurs in the thought ofpolice reform itself

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