KOALISI DALAM SISTEM DEMOKRASI PRESIDENSIAL INDONESIA : Faktor faktor Kerapuhan Koalisi Era Presiden Yudhoyono

Syamsuddin Haris


Although the concept ofcoalition is only prevalent in parliamentary democratic system but multiparty pre
sidential system scheme which is applied in Indonesia necessitates the existence ofcoalition among its party The
presence of Coalition is necessary to minimize the risk ofpolitical deadlock in relations between President and
Parliament on the one hand and due to built effectiveness in the government as the outcome ofgeneral election
But in fact political coalition do not guarantee effectiveness in government administration even on the contrary
it has become a prison for president because opposition comes from inside of The Parliament which also part
of the coalition member in government In the era ofPresident Yudhoyono there are three importantfactors that
lead to fragility of the coalition the coalition design factor personalityfactor of the President and character of
the party in theparliament In order to Built effectiveness in government which requires restructuring the coalition
form especially related to coalition base political nature of the agreement and contract among the members of
coalition scope ofmaterial agreement and internal mechanism in the coalition in thefuture the effectiveness is
also going to be base on restructuring general election format to become national general election to elect Pre
sident and Vice President and members ofparliament and local elections to choose head oflocal government
province and district and members of local house of representatives)

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